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50% Bonus on Every Deposit From FortFS |

50% Bonus on Every Deposit

Details of Promotion

Add/Update Date
24 Jan 2017
Bonus Name
50% Bonus on Every Deposit
50% Bonus on Every Deposit
How To Get
1. Open a real account.
2. Deposit.
3. Choose your percent bonus.
Withdrawal Rules
The deposit bonus can be withdrawn from the trading account without restrictions if within 3 calendar months starting from the date of the bonus accrual the trading turnover according to the formula:

Volume of transactions = Bonus size in USD/4.

Example: You deposited $1,000 on your account, chose a 50% bonus and got 500 extra dollars to the initial deposit amount. In order to withdraw the accrued bonus from the account, you need to commit any number of transactions in 3 months, with a total of 125 lots (500 USD / 4 = 125).

The profits earned after the deposit bonus, can be withdrawn by a trader without any restrictions
Expire Date
31 Dec 2022     Expired
Other Conditions
- Each trading account can obtain not more than 3 active deposit bonuses.

- The sum of all deposit bonuses on one trading account (regardless of currency and account type) cannot exceed 5000 USD / 3500 EUR.

- Stock CFD trades as well as ETF CFD trades are not taken into lots calculations for bonus withdrawal.

- The maximum leverage allowed for a deposit bonus is 1:500.