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50% Welcome Bonus From HotForex |

50% Welcome Bonus

Details of Promotion

Add/Update Date
22 Jan 2023
Bonus Name
50% Welcome Bonus
50% Welcome Bonus
How To Get
1. Create a Trading account on the HFM website.

2. Deposit at least $50 to your Trading account.

3. The amount of the Welcome Bonus is 50% of the transferred amount.

* Note; The welcome Bonus will be added to the relevant Trading account registered with the Welcome Bonus.
Withdrawal Rules
- The Welcome Bonus cannot be withdrawn under any circumstance.
Expire Date
29 Jan 2023     Expired
Other Conditions
- The 50% Welcome Bonus program is a reward HF Markets (SV) Ltd offers its clients.
- This Promotion is available for clients from the following countries; India, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Jordan, Singapore, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Japan, and South Korea.
- Note that a client is not allowed to have Welcome Bonus and 30% Rescue Bonus Account at the same time.