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Great New Features in PipRebate


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Great New Features in PipRebate

PipRebate Christmas Offer Rate


We would like to inform you that PipRebate has offered several new features and special rates for its clients.


New Rebate Options

PipRebate Rebate Options

From now, Rebates will be deposited daily, weekly and monthly, depending on broker's rules. These amounts can be deposited into your Brokers account, directly (DIRECT Method) or deposited into your Piprebate Panel and then withdraw it via our payment methods (To PR Panel Method).


[Daily - Direct] : You will earned your rebates automatically into your Broker's account when you close the trade or the next day..


[Weekly - direct] or [Weekly - to PR Panel] : You will get weekly rebate on Sunday of the week you've traded or the next day, Monday. Weekly Rebates will be transfered to your broker's account in those brokers which they allowed internal transfer. Your weekly rebates in brokers which they haven't internal transfer, will be deposited into your PR Panel..


[Monthly - to PR Panel] : Monthly Rebates will be deposited into your PR Panel on 10th of every month for your trades last month..


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PipRebate Christmas Offer Rate


We are glad to announce the new special rebates rate. These rebates rate are extremely higher than regular rates (Up To 90%). If you open a new account with any brokers we've listed on our website before January, 31, you will get the rebates rate for ever.


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PipRebate Sign Up Bonus


As before, We are offering $10 sign up bonus, too. Sign up with us and then get $10 as our gratitude for your signing up.


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We're alyways trying to provide you the best tools, features and offers. To achieve total customer satisfaction, we will do our best to bring new facilities for you.



We hope you enjoy our services.


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