Company News


At the moment, we are so pleased to inform you, PipRebate has a new face and facilities.


Piprebate Group with 10 years exprience in Forex industry, has decided to provide the best tools, accessibilities, perfect panel and above all the highest rebate rates in the best and the safest forex brokers, for you.


Our new website is compatible with desktop, tablets, mobiles. So you can benefit from our featured with any devices you have. Sign up for free.


We've provided free advanced features like, search and compare forex brokers to help you to find the most suitable forex broker based on your Interests, A panel which provides all information about your transactions and brokers account in tables and charts. A free referral program for all users, even who is not a forex trader and want to make money through our website. You can earn for 3 tiers of your friends as free referral system that we made for you. That's not all.


PipRebate offers user-friendly bonuses. we offer a $10 Welcome Bonus which is available to all new users who has signed up after Sep 01, 2017.


We have new contract with the highest rate and we are signing new contract with the best brokers. Some of the old brokers were removed from our new brokers list and most of them are offerd again with increased rebate rate.


Besides all of these features, we prepares two user-friendly websites ( and ( which help you to find the best bonuses and brokers depending on your favorites.


We hope you enjoy our services.


Best Regards,

PipRebate Team.