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Traders Challenge


加算/更新 日付
28 Jun 2022
Bonus Name
Traders Challenge
Traders Challenge
1. Register at the TradersTrust website if you do not have an account.

2. Deposit the Minimum Amount ($500) or more to a new Classic MT4 Account.

3. Fill in the Deposit Bonus Form.
Maintain your equity with no open trades above $10,000 (that is the minimum deposit amount($500) plus the Deposit Bonus) to unlock earning withdrawals.
Any profits you make on top of that level, you can withdraw in full at any time or keep in your account to trade with.
31 Dec 2023     88 Days Remaining
Deposit $500* or more in a new Classic Account and claim the Bonus to transform your ordinary account into a Challenge Account in which they add $9,500** in tradable funds on top of your deposit. The funds are credited as a bonus which means that you can use it to trade with, but you cannot lose it – you only risk your own capital. You can leverage the potential of the bigger amount, open larger positions and potentially generate higher earnings.