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Welcome Bonus 30 USD From RoboForex |

Welcome Bonus 30 USD

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22 Jan 2017
Bonus Name
Welcome Bonus 30 USD
Welcome Bonus 30 USD
어떻게 얻는 지
1. Verify your personal information
2. Verify your phone number
3. Deposit 10 USD to your trading account
철회 규칙
The bonus can be withdrawn from the account if the total volume of closed transactions exceeds:
1) 50 micro lots (0,5 standard lots) for each Bonus dollar for Fix-Cent accounts.
2) 0,5 lots for each Bonus dollar for Fix-Standard accounts.
3) 100 micro lots (1 standard lots) for each Bonus dollar for Pro-Cent accounts.
4) 1 lots for each Bonus dollar for Pro-Standard accounts
31 Dec 2022     88 Days Remaining
기타 조건
1) The bonus is only available for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 accounts with USD and EUR as the base currency: Fix-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Cent, and Pro-Standard (except for CopyFX and ContestFX accounts).
2) The bonus is not available to the clients, who took part in "15 USD bonus for verified clients" offer or received other no deposit bonuses earlier.
3) Each client can receive this Bonus only once.
4) The offer is valid for clients from all countries, except for Republic of Indonesia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
5) The Bonus is only available for the accounts with the leverage up to and including 1:500 (the participants of the offer can’t increase their account leverage).