New Option from XM!
Daily & Direct for New Accounts!

Rebates for New XMGlobal and XMTrading Group will be paid daily and directly to your trading account for new Accounts of XM. (After closing the position).

Conditions are so easy to meet.

  1. Open a new account under New XMGlobal or XMTrading Group! (from here)
  2. You can send a request to to change the rebate option from weekly to daily and direct. (If your account is under XMGlobal or XMTrading Group).
  3. The Rebates rate for XM and XMTrading Group for all pairs are $9 per round turn lot traded.
Please note that XM EU clients cannot receive daily and direct rebates and will be paid into your PR (PipRebate) account every Sunday for the same week's closed positions!
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อัตราการคืนเงิน่: 7 USD per 1 million USD.

ตัวเลือกการคืนเงิน: รายสัปดาห์.