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Agung from Indonesia
I couldn't find a forex rebate provider like Piprebate. The highest rebate rate from most brokers! simply great!
Sep 23, 2021
Theo from UK
The piprebate team was very professional and helpful to know any issue and resolve it quickly. The team was available every time I needed help.
Aug 05, 2021
Ahmet from Turkey
A few months ago, I just created an account, I was not expecting much, but getting cashback on my trades by Piprebate went well. Rebates pay me on time without any problem. This is surprisingly good. Highly recommended.
Jun 10, 2021
Keller from Switzerland
I think they are nice in comparison to other cashback providers. Fast process. Good cashback. Accessible support team. No complaints so far.
Aug 03, 2020
John from UK
I never got any problem in process of receiving rebates. So far good. Good luck
Nov 23, 2019
GuaMusangForex from Malaysia great and excellent company. I am received rebate every week from this company . they have many payment option as mentioned at their website, Highly recomended for all global forex trader to get rebate.
Jun 14, 2018
Hj isa from Brunei
Excellent company never failed to pay .faster withdraw .Since i joinded the piprebate .com it already a total of 2k amount
Jun 19, 2016
fredstark34 from Indonesia
excellent, fast withdrawal. definitely worth it. you should try it yourself
Mar 07, 2016
bhuvaneswaran from India
i have been paid on time for more than three years. and customer support is excellent
Dec 28, 2015
neerav from india
piprebate is best forex rebate website i know. They pay every week for the trades done during the week. they have almost all forex brokers available with them which have good reputation in market. Fast paying, good service..
Oct 28, 2015
odicahyo from Jakarta, Indonesia
Very good service.. ease of account creation.. fast withdrawal.. and never disappointed so far.. Good job
Sep 22, 2014
cyberom from Nantes, France
Fast withdrawal, excellent support, highly recommended ! Always paid in a couple of hours ...
Aug 03, 2014
ogat from madina, Saudi Arabia
i got paid my first 3$ rebates with less than 1 hour ! what is the great amazing site i found !
Dec 13, 2013
Stephane Hery from Brighton,Sussex, United Kingdom
I am pleased to say that I have experimented a faultless service with of account creation,earnings always credited in an acurately and timely manner and an excellent communication. I have recently withdraw a three figure rebate using the Paypal option and the money has been credited in less than 48 hours.
Oct 03, 2013
Satoshi from Japan
Pip rebate is excellent.
Aug 15, 2013
Yudhi Yudhistira AB from Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
The Best Rebate !! Very fast money transfer withdrawal, Good service. Mantap deh.... Top Markotop...
Aug 12, 2013
ObanLover from Belgium
Two months works excellent, no remarks at all. I'd recommend this service.
May 23, 2013
Cristian from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
I was very pleased to see how fast the withdrawal process went. I recommend it to all
May 10, 2013
Yuri from Australia
I think it would be fair to say that I received way better than I expected from Piprebate. Yes, their site did look slightly 'dodgy' at first glance - the overall visual formatting could use improvement. But, I was able to get by far the highest rebate on offer, and support was always willing to help and quickly look into cases where rebates needed adjustment, as well as answering questions. Withdrawal to my paypal only took a matter of hours. Totally satisfied customer here. Highly recommended.
May 01, 2013
Muhammad kashif from Karachi, Pakistan
this is best of all rebate provider always pays on time.i mean before time they proccess withdraw in just minutes..please join it now.enjoy
Apr 15, 2013
Randy Johnson from California, USA
Accurate accounting and fairly prompt withdraw. Just a little difficulty wit the Wire Transfer as the Routing number needed by Piprebate was not a line item on their Wire Transfer information page. Overall, vary happy to have the extra money from my trades.
Apr 10, 2013
Md omar sharif from Dhaka, Bangladesh
1 month use, Request withdrawal and got it within 5 minutes, Good service.
Mar 14, 2013
Sebastian Florea from Timisoara, Romania
Best Rebate Company !! They are fair in calculations and fast with payments. You can trust them for sure!
Mar 07, 2013
Plangrat from Thailand
I had use this piprebate site long time. Can said that EVERYTHING EXCLLENT!!!.
Nov 15, 2012
Monika from Hungary
Excellent service. Very fast money transfer.
Nov 07, 2012
Gabriel from Romania
Excellent service, today I receive my rebate in less than 1 hour after my request.
Oct 11, 2012
Zee0ne from Kolkata, India
Joined 6 Weeks Ago. They gave me best rebate rate for my broker. Got good rebate and same day withdrawal. Very Good Customer care. Jane is very Helpful. Overall best rebate company i have ever tried. Even brokers don't give same day withdrawal but these people gave me withdrawal in several hours. Hope to keep receiving this great service in the future also. Five Stars...Cheers to them
Sep 22, 2012
John from Buffalo, USA
Signed up 8 weeks ago and the service is great. I get my rebates within a couple days of requesting it. Very good and prompt customer service.
Aug 10, 2012
Sudhanshu from India
Excellent service, always recieve my rebate on time.
Apr 13, 2012
bangash4u from baku, Azerbaijan
they provide excellent services...i got my rebates within 15 minutes ..and it helped me to save me from margin call...i am thankful to for helping my in such a critical situation....
Feb 15, 2012
Accent from Indonesia
Good Rabate site. I Have witdrawal my first 100 USD rabate. Withdrawal fast . Keep up the good work. Thanks
Feb 03, 2012
Globvest from USA
I received my rebate within a day or two. They are always quick and responsive to emails. If your main language is English they are a little difficult to understand but they make up for it with their speed and responsiveness.
Sep 29, 2011
John from NSW
Well I have to give this introducing broker 5 stars without hesitation. Fast communication, their online chat always responsive and I received payment of my rebates by paypal only a few hours after I requested it. Also, their rebates paid are the highest among introducing brokers. I am in the process of opening more accounts with other brokers under their IB.
Aug 25, 2011
Uraiwan from Thailand
I have nothing but GREAT things to say about piprebate. They work very quick to resolve any issues I have had. I now see that they are making weekly payouts which is head and shoulders about the competition. All of my withdrawals have been processed within 48 hours and the money makes it free of charge into my Money Bookers account. I would certainly recommend these guys to anyone looking to earn cash back on there trading.
Aug 25, 2011
Denny from Indonesia
Fast payout, easy to contact them and replying fast. High rebate and many promotion from them, so far I like their service. Well there is always room for improvement but overall they deserve 5 star.
Jul 18, 2011