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Trading Credits

Details of Promotion

Add/Update Date
12 May 2020
Bonus Name
Trading Credits
Trading Credits
How To Get
A trading credit may be received for each deposit and the client can choose the amount of credit at the time the account is replenished: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of the deposit;
Withdrawal Rules
A trading credit can't be used in a "drawdown" situation and will be automatically cancelled if "Equity" becomes equal or less "Credit". Once the credit is canceled, all positions are closed forcibly (Stop Out).
Expire Date
02 Aug 2023     Expired
Other Conditions
- Trading Credits are available for the following types of accounts: MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic+, cent-MT4.DirectFX, cent-MT4.Classic+;

- The sum of active trading credits on all accounts of one client can't exceed 20 000 USD (or an equivalent in another currency);