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An additional 25% on every deposit From CryptoAltum |

An additional 25% on every deposit

Details of Promotion

Add/Update Date
06 Mar 2022
Bonus Name
An additional 25% on every deposit
An additional 25% on every deposit
How To Get
1. Register An trading account.

2. Now, you can earn an additional 25% on every deposit. No need to contact support, the bonus is added automatically every time you transfer funds in the MT5 Platform.

Withdrawal Rules
- You can withdraw your deposit and your profits anytime.

Expire Date
31 Dec 2022     Expired
Other Conditions
- The bonus is 100% tradeable, meaning you can use the bonus to support your positions in times of market drawdown and prevent stop out.

- Maximum lifetime bonus amount is $10,000 equivalent.

- Only one trading account per household is eligible to receive any kind of bonus credit. Profits will not be available for withdrawal in the case of multiple registrations, and only net deposits will be returned.