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CryptoAltum Review

CryptoAltum Review 2022   What is CryptoAltum? CryptoAltum (operated by Techcraft Ltd company, founded in 2019) is a cryptocurrency broker that provides over 100 crypto pairs for users to trade through the renowned MetaTrader 5 platform. CryptoAltum operates by Techcraft Ltd company registered and located in the Marshall Islands. CryptoAltum is an STP (Straight Through Processing) broker and provides only one single account type that allows its users to trade in addition to Crypto, Forex, Gold, and Indices. With this only one type of account, you've access to various features such as Leverage up to 1:500, fast execution speeds, the lowest spreads, zero fees on deposits and withdrawals, Negative Balance Protection service, and free VPS service. Regulation and Security As mentioned above, Cryptoaltum is a Cyprus registered company (Company Registration Number 102090). CryptoAltum is not a regulated broker and maintains the anonymity of its users by not requiring KYC Documents to register for CryptoAltum. CryptoAltum claims that it provides the best and most advanced securities in the industry. This broker's notable and characteristic feature is that the broker uses cold storage to protect clients' funds from hackers. Multi-signatories for access to all company e-Wallets, Offline Storage in four different locations, Advanced antivirus, anti-malware, anti-keylogging software, Private Keys securely backed up, and Daily backup of all company e-Wallets are security practices of funds provided by CryptoAltum for its clients. Also, Cryptoaltum, by deploying the Negative Balance Protection mechanism, guarantees clients that their account balances will never go negative. Accordingly, Cryptoaltum ensures that working with them is safe and reliable.   Account Types of CryptoAltum Apart from the demo account and swap-free account, CryptoAltum offers only one type of account that allows you to trade leveraged CFDs in 4 instruments with variable low spreads and zero commission. Live account The broker has simplified choosing an account for traders and offers a dynamic trading account type, including everything its users may need. Accordingly, this helps traders not confuse to choosing the proper account. The main instrument of the account is cryptocurrencies, but forex, indices, and commodities are also available. The broker has also recently added Oil to its portfolio. The CryptoAltum website states that trading on cryptocurrencies is available 24/7, and trading on other instruments is available Monday to Friday. The broker uses MetaTrader 5 platform available on Desktop, Android/iOS Mobile, Web Trader, and Mac. The minimum deposit for the account is equivalent to $100. Variable spread, commission-free, and Leverage up to 1:500 are other features that Cryptoaltum provides. STP (Straight Through Processing) is the execution model that CryptoAltum operates on. All trades are executed with only market execution, no instant execution; therefore, trades are automatically filled at the best available price in the market without requotes. The other specifications of the CryptoAltum account are; access to Hedging and Scalping strategies, the ability to install Expert Advice (EA), offering micro lots depending on the instrument being traded, and offering the Negative Balance Protection and Free VPS. PipRebate provides up to a $7.8 rebate rate per round lot traded for Cryptoaltum accounts. Check the broker's profile on PipRebate to get more details on rebate rates on variable units traded. Demo account CryptoAltum provides a demo account that will expire after 30 days of inactivity. CryptoAltum's demo account is suitable for newbies and traders who want to test how this cryptocurrency broker works or try their trading strategies with no risk. To open a demo trading account on Cryptoaltum, log in to your Cryptoaltum account and click on the Trading account tab from the dashboard. Click on "demo account" to open one. Then, select the base currency you want and the Leverage you would like to have. Now, your demo account is ready. Islamic trading account Cryptoaltum offers a swap-free account. But consider that the swap-free condition is available only for FX pairs. Contact to convert your account to a swap-free one. Deposit & withdrawal options The deposit method of CryptoAltum is only the wallet-to-wallet transfer which means the user should deposit its funds in only cryptocurrency from its e-wallet to its CryptoAltum trading account wallet. CryptoAltum doesn't accept fiat via debit cards, credit cards, and wire transfer methods. Supported cryptocurrency by CryptoAltum for funding are BTC, USDT, ETH, ADA, XRP, LTC, and BCH. One of CryptoAltum 's particular features is that it does not charge fees for processing deposits and withdrawals (The point you should consider is that the broker covers all processing fees, not blockchain network fees.). The method of withdrawal, like Deposit, is only via wallet-to-wallet transfer. BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, and USDT are cryptocurrencies that CryptoAltum supports for withdrawals. Trading Platform CryptoAltum provides the MetaTrader 5 to its users, which is the most advanced and known trading technology. The offered MT5 is optimized for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and supports over 60 crypto pairs, Advanced Pending Order options, Superior Trading Tools, and Advanced EA (Expert Advisors) coding using MQL5. CryptoAltum also enables full market depth (Level II Market Depth) on its MT5 platform. Trading Tools CryptoAltum provides valuable tools for its users to feel at ease in trading. These tools are Free Virtual Private Server (VPS), Leverage Margin Calculator, Economic Calendar, Crypto converter, etc. With the VPS, users can run their own automated strategies 24/7, with the fastest possible connection to the CryptoAltum trading servers. The advantages of using VPS are connection without interruption even in offline mode, automated EA trading, reduced latency, and accessing VPS from any device. If you want to see your total account leverage according to your open positions, you can use CryptoAltum's Leverage Margin Calculator. To monitor and prepare for market-moving events, such as economic indicators and monetary policy announcements, traders can add CryptoAlyum's Economic Calendar to their charts. Another tool is Crypto Converter which clients can convert cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, XRP, BCH, and USDT for free. CryptoAltum Customer Support If you need help or have any questions, CryptoAltum is available 24/7 via Whatsapp, LiveChat, Messengers, and Telegram. Based on PipRebate experience, they are responsive and trustworthy. Also, you can contact them at Cryptoaltum provides the FAQ that helps you troubleshoot different problems you may have. Research and Trader education By clicking on the Blog tab, you can find Market updates and Education centers that CryptoAltum provides its users. The Market Updates section updates any day other than a Saturday or Sunday. Education Center is another section on CryptoAltum's Blog where you can learn more. Bonuses and Promotions CryptoAltum provides variable bonuses and promotions that you can partake in them effortlessly. To join each of them, check the CryptoBroker broker profile on the PipRebate website. Then, go to the promotion section, we put instructions on how you can participate in the CryptoAltum promotions. For now, there are two active promotions; "Zero Fees on Deposits & Withdrawals" and "25% Bonus on every deposit". Don't miss out on them.   CryptoAltum Rebates by PipRebate What are CryptoAltum rebates? In a few words, PipRebate provides Forex and Crypto Rebates for you to earn cashback from each trade you make, despite winning or losing tradings. PipRebate has provided unbeatable rebate rates for CryptoAltum since 2019. The good news is that PipRebate recently increased rebate rates up to $7.8 for Live accounts of CryptoAltum. Therefore, you can earn our new rebate rates for your CryptoAltum account. How much is the CryptoAltum Rebate; Based on an instrument you make a trade, PipRebate offers different rebates for CryptoAltum accounts. PipRebate offers up to $7.8 per round turn lot traded and pays it daily and directly to your CryptoAltum trading account. The distinguished point is by receiving our rebate rates, your spreads and commissions at your CryptoAltum never increase, unlike some of our competitors. Therefore, with PipRebate, you make more profit and decrease the trading costs. How to receive CryptoAltum cashback on the CryptoAltum trading account; To receive CryptoAltum Rebates on your CryptoAltum trading account, send an email to containing our IB code (1205) and our name (Piprebate) to request to transfer your account under our PipRebate partner account. Then add your CryptoAltum account to your Piprebate account. But if you want to open a NEW CryptoAltum account and receive CryptoAltum cashback, follow the steps below. How to open a CryptoAltum account and receive rebates on it; To be eligible to earn CryptoAltum rebates on your trades, step one is to create a CryptoAltum account through PipRebate's link. So, go to the broker list on the PipRebate website and click on CryptoAltum. Then scroll down to see the "To Open a New Account and Receive PipRebate" section. Click on the "Open a New Live account" to create a CryptoAltum account. Signing up for the CryptoAltum account is easy, and you need only an email address. The process of creating an account takes only a few minutes. After registration, activate your account and then log in to your account. You redirect to the trading account mode page. Click on the "Live account" button, select the base currency for your live account, and the leverage you would like to have for it to open a trading live account. Step two is adding your CryptoAltum trading account to your PipRebate account to earn CryptoAltum rebates. To add your CryptoAltum account to your PipRebate account, enter your account name and account number. To know how to open a CryptoAltum account and add it to your PipRebate account, read our guidance on the CryptoAltum broker page. Final Words Briefly, CryptoAltum (Founded in 2019) is a cryptocurrency broker operated by Techcraft Ltd. (Registered and located in the Marshall Islands) and provides over 100 crypto pairs and other instruments for trades through MetaTrader 5 platform. The broker offers only one account type. Specifications of this account are Free-commissions, STP Execution, Hedging, Scalping, Automated (EA) Trading, Negative Balance Protection, Micro Lots, Free Demo accounts, One Click Trading, Free VPS, Swap-free trading, and all instruments (Crypto pairs, Forex pairs, Gold, and Indices). For more than two years, Piprebate is provided unbeatable CryptoAltum Rebates for its users. PipRebate always efforts that its users have a friendly experience through its services. The support team is here to help you step by step. If you need a query, contact us by Live Chat.

FBS Review

FBS Review 2022   What is FBS? FBS (FBS Markets Inc, founded in 2009) is an international broker that serves more than 150 countries, about 17 million traders, and 410,000 partners. FBS broker operates by FBS Markets Inc, regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in the Republic of South Africa (FSCA). In the EU and the UK, FBS operates by Tradestone Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In Australia, FBS operates by the Intelligent Financial Markets Pty Ltd with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulation (ASIC). FBS provides six different types of accounts, which support a wide range of trading instruments, conditions, and platforms. The users can access leverage up to 1:3000, tied spreads, and trading tools like an Economic Calendar and other trading features such as Market Analytics and Forex education. Regulation and Security As mentioned above, FBS is a Cyprus registered company (Company Registration Number 353534). FBS is regulated and authorized by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission), FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority in the Republic of South Africa), CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) (in the EU and UK), and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulation). Therefore, FBS ensures that working with them is safe and reliable, and their clients will be protected under international financial laws and never face any legal hurdles. The FBS website states that another guarantor of security that they ensure is the Negative Balance Protection. The broker does not accept traders from Japan, the USA, Canada, the UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.   Account Types of FBS FBS offers different account types for clients. In the EU (European Economic Area countries), FBS provides five types of accounts, including Standard account, Cent account, Crypto account, Islamic trading account, and demo trading account. But for global clients (which will be under the IFSC license or an EEA country citizen will be under CySEC license), FBS provides seven account types: Standard, Cent, Micro, Zero Spread, ECN, Crypto account, and demo trading account. As stated on the FBS website, FBS doesn't offer an Islamic trading account for the global branch of FBS. FBS's wide ranges of account types allow traders to choose the most suitable type for their trading strategy. Also, PipRebate provides the highest rebate rates for all of FBS's account types, and we will mention the rebate rates in the following sentences. Demo trading account Traders can try demo accounts of each account type they want. FBS offers the demo account for beginners and newbies in the forex market or trading strategy to gain more experience. Islamic trading account FBS offers their traders the swap-free option on Cent, Standard, Demo Cent, and Demo Standard accounts. Islamic trading account is available on FBS trader, Metatrader 4, and Metatrader 5. Open a suitable account for yourself, then send a request to to convert your account to an Islamic one. Please consider that the Islamic account type is available for all trading account types, except ECN and Crypto accounts. FBS Cent account The at least needed a deposit for this account is $1. Also, FBS provides commission-free, Leverage up to 1:1000, and floating spreads from 1 pip for the Cent trading account. This type of account is always the best choice for newbies in the forex industry or experts who want to test new trading strategies. Cent account supports Forex, metals, indices, energies, and stocks. PipRebate offers $8.5 per round turn traded lot cashback for Cent trading accounts, and PipRebate pays the cashback directly to your FBS trading account each week. FBS MICRO account The least initial deposit for the Micro accounts is $5. Fixed spread from 3 pips, commission-free, and Leverage up to 1:1000 are other features that FBS provides for Micro trading accounts type. Forex and metal are supported instruments of Micro accounts. An excellent choice to know details about your profit is the Micro account. FBS offers trading tools such as Trader's calculator on this type of account that traders calculate profit precisely with them. This account suggests who wants to gain more experience. PipRebate also provides the highest rebate rate ($8.5 turn round traded lot rebate) for Micro accounts type. You receive the cashback of your trades directly to your trading account each week. FBS Standard account The standard trading account offers a floating spread from 0.5 pip without commissions and Leverage up to 1:3000. The least required deposit for this account type is $100. The standard trading account type is excellent for experts and experienced trades. Forex, metals, indices, energies, and stocks are supported instruments of Standard accounts. FBS also offers bonuses options for this account type to make your trading journey even more efficient. To know regarding all offered bonuses by FBS, check the Promotion and bonus section of this review. Similar to the two before accounts types, the offered rebate rate by Piprebate for FBS Standard accounts is 8.5 USD per turn round traded lot which you receive weekly and directly too. FBS Zero Spread account As is straightforward in the title, the zero spread account is no spread. The FBS Zero spread account offers a fixed spread from zero, a Leverage up to 1:3000 with at least an initial deposit of $500, and required commissions from $20 per lot. Zero spread account supports Forex and metal. Consider that the Zero spread account is suitable for experienced traders, scalpers, and those traders who want to trade in a high-speed way. PipRebate also provides an 8.5 USD rebate rate per round lot traded for Zero Spread accounts of FBS. FBS ECN account Market Execution of this account is ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology. The ECN account provided by FBS needs at least a $1,000 initial deposit and offers a floating spread from -1 pip, Leverage up to 1:500, and a required commission of $6. The ECN account is an attractive option for professional traders, especially short-term traders. The rebate rate of the FBS ECN account offered by PipRebate is $2.55 per turn round lot traded that pays weekly and directly to your FBS account. FBS Crypto account FBS provides a new account type, Crypto account, for crypto traders and enthusiasts about the world of cryptocurrencies. The initial deposit for the Crypto account is $1. Leverage up to 1:5, tight spread, required commission 0.05% for opening and 0.05% for closing positions, STP market execution, supporting more than 100 instruments with digital currencies, and easy deposits and withdrawals in fiat and crypto are other features that FBS provides on the crypto account for traders to feel pleasure at crypto trading. PipRebate provides a 4.25 USD rebate rate per round lot traded for FBS Crypto account. To get more information regarding offered rebates for each type of FBS account, please check the profile of the FBS broker on the PipRebate website. FBS Trading Platforms FBS supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. One-click trading, Technical analysis tools, four types of pending orders, Hedging positions, VPS service, Encryption of data, and using expert advisors (EA) and scripts are features you can access with MetaTrader 4. But with MetaTrader 5, you can access more features like pending orders up to six types, an economic calendar, and 21 timeframes. You can download and run MT5 and MT4 platforms on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. FBS also supports MT4 multiterminal, suggesting that traders handle multiple MT4 accounts. FBS Trader The FBS broker creates a trading platform in a mobile format available for iOS and Android. Easy-to-use app, access to financial markets, international and local payment methods, and 24/7 chat support speaking 16 languages are reasons FBS broker mentions for using the app. The FBS website states that the app wins Best Trading Platform Asia 2021 by Global Banking & Finance Review, Best Mobile Trading Platform by Smart Vision Investment EXPO, and more.   Deposit & withdrawal Options FBS supports various deposit and withdrawal options such as Credit card/ Debit card, Neteller, SticPay, Skrill, Perfect Money, and local exchanges. The processing time of each deposit and withdrawal through an electronic payment system takes up to 48 hours from making the deposit/withdrawal request. The processing withdrawal time via a bank wire transfer is up to 5-7 bank business days. Check out the FBS payment options here. FBS Special Services FBS offers special services for its traders such as MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal, Swap-free trading, and VPS-server. FBS suggests the MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal program to traders who want to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, monitor the status of all orders, and receive news in real-time. Note that the system requirement for this program is Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003. This service is free for FBS traders, and the provision period is unlimited. Another service that FBS provides to its traders for free is VPS-server. This service is the best choice for traders who strive to make profit 24 hours a day, even if they are offline. Swap-free is a trading feature that FBS provides unlimited. This feature is available for all account types, except ECN. FBS Customer Support FBS team offers live chat, international phone lines, email, or even social media to help concerns and questions of customers. Based on our experience and feedback of PipRebate's users, FBS responds to customers via email within 24 hours and via LiveChat instantly. Live chat is available 24/7 with multi-lingual support staff that helps users ask questions and talk about their concerns comfortably. Research & Trader Education FBS's “analytics and education” tab includes a wide range of helpful analytical and educational articles for all users, from newbies to professional traders. Users can access Forex News, daily market analysis, forex TV, forex guidebook, webinars, video lessons, and seminars. With FBS's daily market analysis, you get in-depth technical & fundamental analysis for currencies & commodities written daily by experts of the FBS team. FBS Market News helps you be up to date on crucial information for profitable trading. Forex TV provided by FBS give you quick and informative market overviews and trade ideas. Daily VIP analytics provided by FBS is a new section that offers users who want to access exclusive News and tips collected, technical analysis, important events that affect the situation in the market, etc. In the FBS Forex guidebook, all traders, from beginner to experienced, can take the particular forex training course step by step and become successful traders. On the FBS website, there are some webinars that you can register for them for free to give live lessons with FBS professionals. Also, videos created by FBS teach you forex and trading like a pro. Therefore, the FBS team consistently tries to help its customers trade profitably without any concerns. Bonuses and promotion FBS offers different promotions and bonuses that users can participate them easily. In the Promotion tab on the FBS website, you can see a list of Bonuses, FBS Trader Promotions, FBS CopyTrade Promotions, and Contests. To join each promotion and bonus, check FBS broker profile on the PipRebate website. Then, go to the promotion section, we put instructions on how you can participate in the FBS promotions. FBS Rebates by PipRebate What are FBS rebates? PipRebate offers FBS rebates or FBS Cashback for each type of FBS account you need. In total, forex rebates or forex cashback is a way of earning money from every trade you make, and it doesn't matter you win or lose. PipRebate has provided unbeatable FBS rebates in the whole forex market for its users since 2010. PipRebate pays rebates rates to its users without any delay for these years. The support team is available 24/7 to solve any problem users may have with the broker. Our support team is knowledgeable about any issue and helps you any time you need it. How much FBS rebate is; Based on the type of your FBS account, PipRebate offers different rebates. PipRebate offers up to $34 per round turn lot traded and pays it weekly and directly to your FBS trading account. The point you should consider is unlike some of other PipRebates's competitors, spreads and commissions, which you pay at your FBS account, remain the same as before and never change. Therefore, you make more profit and also decrease the trading costs. How to receive FBS cashback on FBS trading account; To receive FBS Rebates on your FBS trading account, send an email to containing our Partner ID (39159) and our name (Piprebate) to request for transferring your account under our PIpRebate's partner account. Then add your FBS account to your Piprebate account. But if you want to open a NEW FBS account and earn FBS cashback on it, follow the steps below. How to open an FBS account and receive rebates on it; Go to PipRebate's broker list and click on "FBS." Scroll down and click on "Open a new live account" to create a new account through PipRebate's partner link. The process of creating an account at FBS is easy and fast. You can register via your Google account or Facebook account quickly. Then, choose some options such as MetaTrader version, Account currency, and Leverage for creating your live account. You can open an unlimited number of trading accounts. For using all services of FBS, you need to pass the verification process.It's required to add your FBS trading account to your PipRebate account to earn FBS rebates. To add your FBS account to your PipRebate account, enter your account name and account number. To know how to open an FBS account and add it to your PipRebate account, watch this video or read our guidance on FBS broker page. Final Words FBS (founded in 2009) is an international broker that operates by FBS Markets Inc, regulated by the FSC, IFSC. FBS provides six different account types with various features and trading conditions users look for them. Some of them are Leverage up to 1:3000, tied spreads, any expert advisor and strategies allowed, five digits precision for all accounts, No requotes, and trading tools, like an Economic Calendar, and other trading features such as Market Analytics and Forex educations. Also, FBS offers special services for free, including MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal, Swap-free trading, and VPS-server. FBS trader app is a distinguished trading platform in a mobile format provided for FBS users to have a smooth trading experience. For more than 12 years, Piprebate is provided unbeatable FBS Rebates for its users. PipRebate always efforts that its users have a friendly experience through its services. The support team is here to help you step by step. If you need a query, contact by Live Chat.

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    A few months ago, I just created an account, I was not expecting much, but getting cashback on my trades by Piprebate went well. Rebates pay me on time without any problem. This is surprisingly good. Highly recommended.
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