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seus descontos serão depositados em seu painel de PR, então você pode retirá-la através dos nossos métodos de pagamentos. é o melhor reembolso de Forex e programa de descontos de Forex líder desde 2008. Obtenha descontos imbatíveis em todas as suas negociações de Forex, Opções Binárias e Criptomoeda diariamente, semanalmente e diretamente em sua conta de negociação!
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LiteFinance Review

LiteFinance Review What is LiteFinance? Is it a legit broker? LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) is a reliable and well-known Forex/CFD broker that has worked in the trading market for over 16 years (Founded in 2005). LF Global group of companies has official representative offices in more than 15 countries. LF Global group includes LiteFinance Global LLC company and Liteforex (Europe) Limited company. LiteFinance Global LLC is a registered company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 931 LLC 2021. Liteforex (Europe) Limited is a regulated company by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and also by MiFID. LiteFinance offers and provides a wide range of Instruments, both popular trading platforms (MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5), Social trading, an Affiliate program, Leverage of up to 1:1000, low spreads, high speed of execution of trading orders, and an impressive range of payment methods. LiteFinance relies on ECN technology (Electronic Communication Network) and offers its clients which helps them execute their orders at the best market price with no delays, slippage, or re-quotes. Regulation and Security As mentioned above, LiteFinance (ex. LiteForex) operates by the LF Global group of companies which includes; LiteFinance Global LLC (Registered in Vincent and the Grenadines) and Liteforex (Europe) Limited (Regulated by Cysec and CIF Registration). The LiteFinance website states that it ensures security through the HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure). HTTPS is a data encryption protocol that transfers data between a client and a server. LiteFinance supports Segregated Accounts, which means Clients' funds will be held separately from the company's capital. LiteFinance broker, as mentioned on its website, ensures that working with them is safe and reliable. Account Types of LiteFinance LiteFinance 4 account types for its clients contain ECN, Classic, Demo, and Islamic accounts. Some of the characteristic features offered by LiteFinance in its account types are floating Spreads from 0, supporting both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, Unlimited maximum number of orders, commissions from 0, offering Negative Balance Protection, and Leverage up to 1:1000. Let's get into the specification of each type of account the broker offers. ECN accountLiteForex suggests the ECN account type to professional traders who want to use the Social Trading service and have the best possible condition for trading. This account type works based on the modern ECN technology that helps traders access the best market prices, stable and guaranteed fast execution with no re-quotes and no conflict of interest. The features offered in the ECN accounts type are deep liquidity with floating spreads from zero, a low commission from 0.25 per lot, supporting both MT4/MT5 platforms, and leverage up to 1:500. Negative Balance Protection and Social trading are two distinguishing features of ECN accounts. An initial deposit needs to make for opening the ECN account is $50. The account base currency is USD, EUR, and MBT. The Variety of trading instruments is available at the ECN account type, including; Currency, Oil, CFD NYSE, CFD NASDAQ, Metals, and Global stock indexes. PipRebate provides up to 56% of the commissions per round lot traded for ECN accounts. Check the broker's profile on PipRebate to get more details on rebate rates Classic accountThe ideal account is the Classic account which is suitable for those traders looking for a traditional trading experience. With a Classic account, Traders can access floating spread from 1.8 points, five-digit quotes, leverage up to 1:1000, Social trading, and Unlimited number of orders. Supporting both trading platforms (MT4/MT5) and the initial deposit of $50 for opening this account are other specifications of the Classic account. The base currency of this account is USD, EUR, and MBT. Consider that LiteFinance does not offer Negative Balance Protection and Scalping at the Classic account type. Currency, Oil, CFD NYSE, CFD NASDAQ, Metals, and Global stock indexes are available trading assets at the Classic account type.PipRebate provides up to 56% of the spreads per round lot traded for Classic accounts. Check the broker's profile on PipRebate to get more details on rebate rates. Demo accountLiteFinance's Demo account is perfectly suitable for traders who are beginners in the trading market and those professionals who want to refine their trading strategies and test Experts-Advisers under real market conditions with no risk of losing money. Demo ECN is the best way of training trading skills with market execution and low spreads. A marked note is that MetaTrader 4 is the only trading platform the broker offers for Demo accounts. Islamic accountLiteFinance allowed the swap-free feature for both types of accounts (ECN and Classic). Deposit & Withdrawal methods LiteForex Global LLC provides a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods for its clients, such as Economic payment systems, Bank transfers, and Credit or debit card visa/MasterCard. Local deposit/withdrawal and deposit/withdrawal by bank wire are two Bank wire transfers offered by LiteFInance. By Local deposit/withdrawal, users can deposit and withdraw money through LiteFinance's representative in their region. The minimum amount of this payment option is $1. A convenient payment option for even those who cannot use electronic payment or international wire transfer! Bank wire is the traditional way to transfer money offered by LiteFinance to those clients who want to transfer a large amount of funds cost-effectively from any country in the world. Bank Wire transfer is the most suitable way for traders who avoid third-party payments or do not have credit cards. The minimum amount to use the Bank wire system is $100. The broker also provides electronic transfers, such as; Perfect Money, Boleto Bancario, M-Pesa Kenya, M-Pesa Tanzania, Africa Mobile Money, WebMoney, and Alipay.Nowadays, clients are looking for a broker that supports cryptocurrency methods. LiteFinance, to support the needs of its clients, provides various cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw funds, such as; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple. LiteFinance also supports Credit or debit card visa/MasterCard. Compensating for deposit fees of all payment methods is an outstanding characteristic of LiteFinance, which means the commission of processing to make deposits is zero. A bonus from LiteFinance to its clients! Trading Platforms LiteFinance offers the most popular trading platforms in the forex market; MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5. Both are available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac PC, and Windows PC. LiteFinance provides MT4 and MT5 for ECN and Classic accounts and only MT4 for Demo accounts. Trading Tools LiteFinance provides various helpful tools for its clients to trade at ease. Economic calendar, Analytics, Analytical materials from Claws&Horns, Trader's calculator, Fibonacci calculator, currency rates, Economy News, and Social Trading are the trading tools offered by LiteFinance. LiteFinance's economic calendar allows users to access events, news, and accurate world economic indicators. Also, LiteFinance releases reports on the influential financial news of the international currency market and stock exchanges daily on the website, in the Economics News section. In LiteFinance's Analytics section, users can find the latest analytical reviews, forecasts, and opinions of seasoned experts daily, which are most valuable for trading. LiteFinance offers its clients a non-costing high-quality analysis prepared by independent company Claws&Horns, which provides technical/fundamental analysis, the latest forecasts, video reviews, expert opinions, and many other analytical materials. Therefore, Litefinance always attempts to provide the best services to its clients. Additional Sevices One of the superior services of LiteFinance is its Autowithdrawals service. Clients can urgently use this service to withdraw some funds (Up to $5000 per day) without waiting for several business days. The automated withdrawal is available for most of the payments at LiteFinance. The other superior service offered by LiteFinance for free is VPS (Virtual private servers) to help its clients to control their trading even when their computer or gadget is turned off. LiteFinance Customer Support The broker suggests various ways for users to feel at ease. General customer inquiries and the Financial Department of LiteFinance are available 24 hours on Business days through LiveChat (Operational time GMT+2). In the FAQ section at LiteFinance, users can find comprehensive responses to frequent and common questions. Email, Skype, and Telegram are ways to contact the broker directly, which works 24/5 - from 00:00, Monday till 23:59, Friday (GMT+2). Also, they are accessible on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Based on PipRebate experience working with LiteFinance, LiteFinance is responsive and dependable to provide for any of its client's needs. Promotion and Contests As mentioned above, the LiteFinance return system's fees are reimbursed as balance funds when you make a deposit. These deposit fees will be automatically paid back to your LiteFinance trading account. LiteFinance offers a contest for demo accounts which is unlimited to participate. The competition's name is BEST OF THE BEST forex demo contest. Users should trade profitably on a contest forex account by use of currency pairs and any other available trading tools at LiteFinance. By trading actively and showing the best profitability result among all forex demo contest participants, win up to 4,000 USD. The contest occurs monthly, from the first to the end day of each month (the server time GMT +2). Research and Trader education As stated on the LiteFinance website, on the "For Beginner" tab, you can find webinars, trading strategies, and reviews from traders and professionals of LiteFinance, which can be practical for beginners and who want to start trading. Also, Forex Glossary provided by LiteFinance is a valuable source for learning basic concepts of Forex. LiteFinance presents The "Book Forex" for its users to comprehend trading psychology and money management and discover new facets of technical and fundamental market analysis. LiteFinance Rebates By PipRebate What are LiteFinance Rebates? In a few words, it does not matter whether to win or lose your trades; you can earn cashback on each trade you make. PipRebate has provided these services for its users for 14 years. PipRebate's users have received the most increased LiteFinance rebate rates for more than ten years on the PipRebate website. How much is the LiteFinance Rebate? Based on your LiteFinance account type, PipRebate offers different rebates. PipRebate for LiteFinance ECN accounts offers 56% of the commissions per round turn lot traded, and for LiteFinance Classic accounts provides 56% of the spreads per round turn lot traded. At the end of each week, PipRebate disburses the rebates to your PipRebate account. The remarkable point is by receiving our rebate rates, your spreads and commissions at your LiteFinance never increase, unlike some of our competitors. Therefore, with PipRebate, you make more profit and decrease the trading costs. How to receive LiteFinance cashback on your existing LiteFinance trading account; To receive LiteFinance Rebates on your existing LiteFinance trading account, send an email to, including our partner code (1622362148) and our name (Piprebate), to request to transfer your account under our PipRebate partner account. Then add your LiteFinance account to your Piprebate account. If you don't have a LiteFinance account or want a new one, follow the following steps to open a NEW LiteFinance account and receive LiteFinance cashback. How to open a LiteFinance account and receive rebates on it; To be eligible to gain LiteFinance rebates on your trades, step one is to create a LiteFinance account through PipRebate's link. So, go to the broker list on the PipRebate website and click on LiteFinance. Then scroll down to see the "To Open a New Account and Receive PipRebate" section. Click on the "Open a New Live account" to create a LiteFinance account. The registration process for LiteFinance is easy, takes only a few minutes, and requires an email address. After signing up, LiteFinance will send a confirmation code to your email address. To complete the registration process, enter the code. The next step is adding your Litefinance trading account to your Piprebate account. To add your LiteFinance account to your PipRebate account, enter your account name and account number. To know how to open a LiteFinance account and add it to your PipRebate account, read our guidance on the LiteFinance broker page or watch this video. Final Words Briefly, LiteFinance (Founded in 2005) is a reliable Forex/CFD broker operated by LiteFinance Global LLC. and provides a wide range of Instruments, both popular trading platforms (MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5), Social trading, Leverage of up to 1:1000, low spreads, high speed of execution of trading orders, and an impressive range of payment methods. ECN, Classic, and Demo are the types of accounts offered by the broker. The swap-free feature for both account types is available. LiteFinance provides different trading tools such as an Economic calendar, Analytics, Analytical materials from Claws&Horns, Trader's calculator, a Fibonacci calculator, currency rates, Economy News, Social Trading, Autowithdrawals service, and free VPS for its users to make trades easily and without issues that we review the function and advantage of each of them separately before. For over ten years, Piprebate has provided unbeatable LiteFinance Rebates for its users. PipRebate always efforts that its users have a friendly experience through its services. The support team is here to help you step by step. If you need a query, contact us by Live Chat.

What is Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency? In the previous post ("A Brief Bitcoin Introducing"), we talked about Bitcoin and its history in a few sentences. Now, here is more about the definition of Cryptocurrency and how it works. So, let us get into it. Cryptocurrency (or "Crypto") is a virtual or digital currency or internet-based medium of exchange to utilizes Cryptography science to provide secure online transactions. Being Independent of a third party or central monetary authority such as a government or bank and using cryptographic techniques lets buy, sell, and trade Crypto securely. So, Cryptocurrencies transfer directly between two parties (it refers to the "peer-to-peer" feature) without relying on a bank or any third party. Cryptocurrency runs on decentralized public ledger technology (DLT) known as Blockchain. Blockchain manages and records transactions enforced by a disparate network of computers. Like any currency, via Cryptocurrency, you can buy goods and services. Unlike other currencies, cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual means that exist only on computers. So, all are online, and there are no bills or physical coins. The key features of Cryptocurrency; Digital: Unlike other currencies, Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that means all are online and exist only on computers, so they are not bills or any physical coins. But like other currencies, Cryptocurrency can be used for buying and selling goods and services. Decentralized: Not being centralized on one computer, server, or a center means no one or group is behind them, such as a bank, government, or central authority. Double Spending and Trusted Third Party: Spending the same amount twice (Double Spending) is a significant problem that all payments have faced. In other words, we can say Double spending is a kind of fraud. Cryptocurrency solves this problem by removing the third party. So, there is no need for a system or company or any central authority to verify transactions. How does Cryptocurrency work? What is Blockchain? Cryptocurrency runs on a platform known as Blockchain. As its name indicates, "Block" and "chain" is a group of connected or bounded blocks or an online ledger using cryptographic principles. Each block contains transactions verified by each computer or network member (each computer is known as a node). A new block generates by creating a transaction, and each node (also called Miner) on the network must check and verify the transaction information before being confirmed. This process is known as the Proof of Work algorithm (POW). After confirmation by nodes of the network, all transaction data adds to the Blockchain as a new block. When a new block adds to Blockchain, it becomes unforgeable and irreversible. In the end, the nodes that participate and confirm the new Block data earn a reward plus transaction fees. Holding and saving the information of transactions, being visible all processes by anyone, and being decentralized are the noteworthy features of the online ledger. Each Block consists of digital data of a transaction like a date, time, the number of coins transferred, and the sender's and recipient's public keys (wallet addresses). Each block has its own unique code that distinguishes it from other blocks. In general, this code is called Hash. Some of the most popular Cryptocurrency; There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market. But only some of them are most popular in the crypto market. Bitcoin: The first Cryptocurrency and the most popular one in the world. Bitcoin was founded in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, who is anonymous yet, and no one knows who they are. Ethereum: The most popular Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Ethereum was developed in 2015 and is a Blockchain platform with its own coins, called Ether (ETH) or Ethereum Ripple, Solana, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, and more are the other most known Cryptocurrency. Types of Cryptocurrencies; There are three main Cryptocurrency types; Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Token. Bitcoin: As we mentioned before, Bitcoin is the first Blockchain. Bitcoin is covered above. Also, check the "A Brief Bitcoin Introducing" post to get more information about Bitcoin. Altcoin (Coin): Altcoins are two types; some are clones or forks of Bitcoin (Such as Litecoin), while others are new cryptocurrencies built from the beginning. In other words, these are native Blockchain means they are entirely different from Bitcoin (such as Ethereum and Ripple). Token: The third type is Token. Tokens utilize the power of other Blockchain to confirm transactions (such as NEO) and don't have their own Blockchain. Basically, tokens are used on the dApp (decentralized application), and the dApp is built on the other Blockchain. So, fees of the tokens transactions must be paid with the altcoin of that Blockchain. What does that mean? For example, if a dApp is built on Ethereum Blockchain, for each transaction of that Token, you should pay fees in ETH. What is Fork in the Blockchain industry? We mentioned the Fork above, and before the next topic, let's see what does mean exactly Fork?The Fork is one of the terms of the Blockchain industry. As mentioned above, when a new block adds to the Blockchain, the data of that block will be unforgettable and irreversible. When a Blockchain initiates with a protocol, it keeps going on forever without changing. So, the question is, how can one change a Blockchain? By creating a copy of codes of that Blockchain, Developers can make a change in anything they want. Making changes in Blockchain can be conducted for various reasons, such as a being hacked the previous Blockchain by hackers (like Ethereum), a modification that needs to make, or a solution to disagreements at the Blockchain (like Bitcoin Cash). The two most well-known Fork in the Blockchain industry was done for Ethereum and Bitcoin. In 2016, DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) was launched on the Ethereum Blockchain. After a while, On June 17, 2016, DAO was hacked due to vulnerabilities in its codebase (a loophole in the coding). The hacker could gain access to 3.6 million ETH, worth about $50 million at the time. To restore the stolen funds, Ethereum Blockchain was hard forked by the development team behind Ethereum. But because all of the Ethereum enthusiasts did not agree with the Fork, Ethereum was split into two parts. The forked Ethereum has been kept going on with the Ethereum name, and the previous has been kept going on with the Ethereum Classic name. In 2017, the fees for transactions of Bitcoin were going to increase, so Bitcoin splits based on different user opinions about transaction history. Therefore, these splits create new versions of Bitcoin currency. How to buy Cryptocurrency The question is, how can one buy Cryptocurrency safety? To buy Cryptocurrency safely, follow our guide step by step. Step one: Choose a platform You need to choose a platform to buy Crypto. There are two platform types: a traditional broker or a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange. Traditional Broker: Because of the Growing popularity and globalization of Cryptocurrency, most brokers offer a platform for buying and selling Cryptocurrency other than stocks, bonds, and ETFs. On the Piprebate website, check the broker list to find ones that support Cryptocurrency. Also, Piprebate offers crypto rebates to its users to earn cashback on each trade they make. Cryptocurrency Exchange: Nowadays, there are too many Crypto exchanges that you can choose one that is the most suitable for you. Each Crypto exchange offers options and services which are the same or variable from other crypto exchanges. The most popular and reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange is Binance, founded in China in 2017. Binance offers low trading fees and a wide selection of trading options and order types for its traders. Check the Binance profile on PipRebate. PipRebate also provides unbeatable rebates rates for each trade you make at Binance, which will be paid daily and directly to your Binance trading account. Read more regarding Binance cashback. PipRebate also provides a high rebate for those who trade at PrimeXBT, another crypto exchange we suggest. You can find the PrimeXBT rebates here. When looking for a suitable Crypto exchange, you should notice the fees a Crypto exchange charges, the supported cryptocurrencies, the provided security features, and the offered options of storage, deposit, and withdrawal. Step Two: Fund your account After choosing the platform, the next step is creating an account on that Crypto Exchange and funding your account to trade. You can purchase crypto via fiat through your credit card, ACH transfers, or wire transfers to deposit funds. Do not forget to check which payment they support. The processing time for a deposit depends on the payment option you select. It would be best to consider that the fees vary by payment method and platform. Step Three: Set an Order If you want to buy a Cryptocurrency on the website or mobile platform of the Crypto Exchange, go to its market, select the order type, enter the amount of Cryptocurrency you want to purchase, and click on "Buy," and confirm the order. To "sell" also conduct the same process. What are Crypto wallets? The question is; how to store Cryptocurrency? After purchasing the Crypto, you need to store and keep it to protect it from hacking and robbery. Cryptocurrency is stored securely in a physical device or online software called Crypto Wallet. Crypto wallets interface with various Blockchains enables users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance. Some exchange enables users to store their cryptocurrencies directly through the platform by providing wallet services. There are different wallets types like hardware wallets and software wallets (also renowned as cold and hot storage wallets). Hot Wallet: Hot wallet storage are accessible via an internet service such as Coinbase. Cold Wallet: The Cold wallet is downloaded and resides offline on a piece of hardware such as a USB drive or a smartphone. Because the cold wallet resides offline and does not connect to the internet is more secure and safe from hackers. It does not mean a Hot wallet is not safe, but because of targeted by malicious individuals and more risk of hacking is less secure than a Cold wallet. Final Words; Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency. Although It is not a bill or a physical coin, it's used to buy or sell goods and services. Cryptocurrency runs on the Blockchain, which contains chains of blocks that each block consists of transaction data. The first Blockchain is Bitcoin, founded in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. By growing popular Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies have been created nonstop so far. Ethereum, founded in 2015, is the most famous Crypto after Bitcoin. The Crypto industry keeps growing, and nothing can stop it.We tried to explain Cryptocurrency overall in a few sentences. We hope that you enjoyed it. Stay Tuned for other articles by Piprebate.

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